ANATOLE, key project of the Atlantic strategy

During the Atlantic Forum, which will run between September and March 2013, the actors of the Atlantic territories, collaborating with the European institutions, will establish an Action Plan to implement the Atlantic Strategy from 2014.
This strategy, born as maritime, must lead to a territorial approach of the cooperation in the Atlantic Arc; with the aim to develop a more intelligent, sustainable and inclusive territory, in accordance with the principles of the 2020 EU Strategy and the future cohesion policy.
Atlantic Cities have been working on “Economy of proximity” (short delivery chains), based on the direct exchange between producers and consumers in the same territory. When it is managed by cities, it strengthens not only the local economy, but food security, biodiversity and agricultural and fisheries sectors’ employment.
Regarding these objectives and the willingness to strengthen the consistency of the Atlantic Strategy with the three dimensions of Cohesion, as defined by the Lisbon Treaty (territorial, social and economic), ANATOLE is an indispensable tool for the future of the Atlantic Arc.
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