Gijon International Film Festival rises the curtain for its 50th anniversary

Actress Leticia Dolera, one of the best known faces in our films and TV, will host the opening ceremony for the Golden Jubilee on Gijon International Film Festival, to be held on Friday, November 16, as of 20:30 hours, in Teatro Jovellanos. The tickets are already for sale in our box offices.
Dolera, who has recently starred in REC3, Paco Plaza’s latest film, will host a ceremony where not only the different sections and films in this 50th edition’s program will be presented but also the three juries, Official Section for long and short feature films and AnimaFICX. These juries will decide who the winners are.

During the ceremony the famous Asturian casting director Luis San Narciso will be awarded the Nacho Martínez award to his whole professional career. He will receive the award from the hands of María León, the latest winner of the Goya to the Best New Actress, and the Unión de Actores award winner Alejo Sauras, two actors whose careers are linked to the award winner.

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