Climate change, local commitment: CLIMAATLANTIC

The Climatlantic project, regional and local actions to reduce carbon emissions in the Atlantic Arc, is running until 2012 under the auspices of the Eixo Atlántico (Spain-Portugal) together with a further six partners (Spain, Portugal, Ireland, UK, France). It seeks two objectives: firstly, to draw up a long-term strategy to combat climate change within the Atlantic Arc, and secondly, to present and focus this strategy locally on four fundamental points: the organization of mobility, awareness of behavioural adjustments, energy management and town planning. This approach will be adapted to the five types of regions identified in the Atlantic Arc (from urban to rural areas).
After a presentation on progress during the General Assembly of the CAAC on 30 June 30 2011 in Niort, the partners will draw up a comprehensive strategic document before the end of 2011, based on consultations with communities and university students. The partners will then launch pilot actions until March 2012 and afterwards present and disseminate the strategic document on the Atlantic Arc in April 2012, during the Conference in Ourense.

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