INNOVATE: Contemporary Creation


As part of INNOVATE project activities, Avilés will host the eight edition of “Areas for Contemporary Creation” on November 23rd and 24th . The priority this year is to present equipment and networks of centers for contemporary art at national and international levels.  The event will also held debates on topics as the project-program Cultural Factory (former shirt factory in El Carbayedo) rehearsal rooms for musicians in Gijón, and European networks like RESARTIS and TRANSEUROPE LES HALLES.  In parallel, different courses of arts and crafts (including avilesina ceramist tradition). INNOVATE objective is to increase the capacity of the local and regional authorities to promote the economic change and the development of a knowledge based economy. The project involves 7 partners representing all countries of the Atlantic area sharing a common challenge: Implementing new initiatives and ideas to stimulate economic conversion out of their regional endogenous potential.

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