Santiago defines the housing of the future

In collaboration with the Atlantic Cities of Nantes and Rennes, as well as with Newcastle, Medway, Hambourg, Kraków, Tallinn and Iasi, Santiago de Compostela has led the  SUITe project, which defines the concept of sustainable housing. Within a context where economic concerns are joined by climate and social concerns, the cities are added to the study and application of effective measures for the improvement of the quality of housing, its durability and maintenance. EU Member States are recommended to use a percentage of the ERDF funds for housing and energy efficiency measures with an integrated plan which also takes into consideration the rehabilitation of the existing housing.
Based on the idea of housing as a right and as an element for social integration, the Santiago de Compostela City Hall and Emuvissa have presented a Local Action Plan based on cooperation between the administrations and the private sector to create the first building in the public park for protected rental housing whose recipients will be disadvantaged groups, people at risk of social exclusion or with limited resources and which will make use of social integration programmes. The result of these actions and the main conclusions of the project, together with a catalogue of good practices will be made public on 16 March 2011 during the Final SUITE Conference in Brussels.

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