Sustainable urbanism and Atlantic area: challenges for the EU

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Following the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam by the EU Member States Ministers on May 30, Atlantic cities wish then to express, in the continuity of the final Declaration of La Rochelle, the strategic lines structuring their local policy, in order to provide an Atlantic vision to this European Urban Agenda

Within this framework, Conference of Atlantic Arc cities members want to congratulate the Dutch Presidency for completing this Pact, in which are put forward primordial issues such as the inclusion of migrants and refugees, environmental protection and the local economy development in particular. However, CAAC believes necessary to share its analysis.

Furthermore, Atlantic cities have also submitted a number of suggestions to complement the European urban agenda. Indeed, they affirm the need for implementing multi-level governance in order to give more decision-making power to cities. CAAC members also propose to include both a maritime dimension and a geographic component to the Pact. In addition, they want the CAAC and the networks involved as experts in the Structured Dialogue about Structural Funds to be included in the transnational operational programme follow-up committees, for example. Finally, Atlantic cities suggest a significant simplification of European legislation on access to the structural funds.

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