Urban dimension of macro-regions: C4C

Maria Bobrova

Publié le 10 Mar 20

At the end of January, in Bologna, the Secretary General of the Atlantic Cities (ACA), Tamara Espiñeira, attended a strategy meeting of the Cities for Cooperation – C4C platform, a specific cooperation platform composed by ACA, Eixo Atlántico, Medcities and the Foro of Adriatic and Ionian Cities.

These city networks are unique in their configuration since they are the only forums for urban territorial cooperation in their respective spaces. Also unique is the C4C agreement, which integrates, at pan-European level, these networks in a flexible collaboration perspective.

At their meeting in Italy, the C4C members jointly analyzed the particular challenges that territorial cooperation presents for European cities, in their cross-border, transnational and even neighborhood spheres.

As a second part, the pilot entities of the Adriatic-Ionian macroregion made a presentation of its history and structure, identifying priorities for the new period. This explanation was followed by a debate between the differences and similarities with other territories, such as the Atlantic or the Mediterranean.

This week a second meeting was held in a hybrid way (face-to-face and Skype). The networks met to agree on common actions on the C4C platform, in view of the final discussions of the European financial framework and the new architecture of territorial cooperation.

If your city wants to know more about the work of other territorial urban networks, do not hesitate to contact our Secretariat.

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