The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities,currently represents more than 100 local entities and 7 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic seaboard. This network works with different institutions, to promote the role of cities in Europe and to highlight the specificity of the Atlantic Arc.

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Working group on Ports and Fisheries on the 18th of June in Cherbourg


In the Atlantic strategy unveiled in 2013, the cities and ports of the Atlantic Arc are considered as a bulwark against the crisis and are encouraged to explore the potential of the blue economy. In order to approach these crucial issues for the future of Europe and provide answers, the Cherbourg urban community will host on the 18th of June a working group of the CAAC focusing on port issues, marine energies and activities related to fishing. New proposals for the establishment of lobbying actions and exchanges between Atlantic actors are expected at this meeting.

Open to all interested stakeholders, the purpose of this gathering is first of all to share common experiences of the port cities and to create a network between cities with fishing activities. The influence of the motorways of the sea in terms of tourism and economic attractiveness will also be discussed. Finally, this working group aims to promote the exchange of good practices through the intervention of NGOs such as Blue Fish.

Cherbourg has the ambition to become the spearhead in the sector of renewable marine Energies. Wind turbines and off-shore turbines will be built there. The history of the city is still being written around his Atlantic identity.

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