Network activities

The Atlantic Cities association brings together the Atlantic Area cities to enable them to discuss their experiences and good practices at specific forums for debate. All members of the network guide activities and define priorities at an annual general assembly, and the members of the executive committee meet every three months.

In addition to these constitutive meetings, member cities meet regularly to take part in joint thematic working groups focusing on culture or protection of the oceans.

Working group on cultural issues

Launched in December 2022, the working group on culture enables cities to discuss their respective cultural initiatives with respect to a range of issues such as urban art or gastronomy. This working group homes in on local cultural actors and demonstrates the abundance of culture in the Atlantic Area’s territories. Through these exchanges, cities can inspire each other and come up with new cultural initiatives. Since November 2023, exchanges between members have focused on Atlantic gastronomy.

Working group on the protection of the oceans

At the 2023 General Assembly in Biarritz, the Atlantic cities made a strong commitment to the protection of the oceans by signing a joint declaration. Fully acknowledging the crucial role of cities in the fight against climate change, the Atlantic cities expressed their determination to take specific action to make an active contribution to the protection of seas and oceans. In order to put this commitment into practice, the Atlantic cities have decided to set up a working group focusing on knowledge of and protection of oceans, which will meet regularly to exchange ideas and coordinate collective action to preserve these valuable marine ecosystems. This working group will be officially launched in 2024, marking the commencement of closer cooperation by the Atlantic cities for the preservation of our oceans.

Working group on network expansion

In order to build joint projects with a greater diversity of cities in the Atlantic arc and to consolidate their influence on the direction of European public policies, member cities have taken the decision to expand the network.