Completed projects


Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs Project (AYCH) 2017-2021

The general objective of AYCH is to invest in the creative and digital skills of young entrepreneurs. AYCH targeted young people seeking a professional career or self-employment in the creative sector, whether they had left compulsory education early or were young people with higher education qualifications. The project has helped them develop their creative ideas and made a contribution to their personal growth. It has boosted entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, and also employment, by connecting employers and talent through a network of international centres.

  • Total project budget: 4,227,620.00 €
  • ERDF co-financing: 3,170,715.00 € 
  • For further information on the project: 

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) on the Interreg Atlantic Area programme.

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Topics: youth, creativity, technology and social enterprise model, social, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship, development of digital and creative skills, collective intelligence

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Effectiveness of Environmental Urban policies to improve Resource Efficiency (EURE) 2019-2023

The aim of EURE is to use interregional cooperation to improve the way in which the ERDF addresses the urban environmental challenges of cities in peripheral regions, also paying attention to smaller cities, which have an influence on the sparsely populated areas in which they are located. 

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) on the Interreg Europe programme.

 Topics: urban and environmental policies, resource efficiency

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Policies & Measures to Support Local & Regional Innovation Ecosystems (ecoRIS3) 2017-2022

The objective of the project is to strengthen and connect regional RIS3 challenges and opportunities to innovation policies and local stakeholders (universities/cities etc.).

As associate partner on the project, Atlantic Cities provided policy/technical follow-up for the project and gave it a European and transnational dimension. Atlantic Cities was also responsible for project communication.

Topics: innovation and growth, technology, higher education, local and regional businesses

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