Atlantic Futures : Keeping a fruitful experience in remote mode

Maria remplacée

Publié le 25 May 20

The General Secretariat of the Atlantic Cities has been working nonstop during the spring. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we kept our activities through remote work, and we didn’t stop our Talent Program.

As many young people saw their internships and exchanges canceled, we decided to propose full remote internships, in the framework of the Atlantic Futures program. So, during the lockdown we welcomed 3 new Atlantic Futures:

Lena Dos, young graduate by the ENTPE (École de l’aménagement durable des territoires) in Urban Planning, Policies and Environment. Speaking English and French, she had previous experiences in Greece and Lisbon and will be working with us on Environment Policy and the EURE project. You can check her interview here

Lola Bonilla, Master’s student at the University of Rennes 1, on Management of the Innovative Company. Keen on entrepreneurship, Lola assisted young entrepreneurs on the conception of their projects and speaks French, Spanish and English. She collaborates with us on Management and On-boarding;

Patricia Costa Fabriz, a Master student at University Grenoble Alpes (UGA), on International Development Studies: Sustainability, Innovation, Participation. She worked previously on the educational field in Brazil and speaks Portuguese, English and French. Patricia will be a Junior project assistant for the AYCH Project. Take a look at her interview

Our remote work and welcoming of the new Atlantic Futures was ensured through online tools and a consistent follow up, based on dialogue, exchanges, team meetings, brainstorming, and share of responsibilities. The management of tasks with Freedcamp and the use of online chats was essential to keep the communication flowing, allowing us to keep working and training people despite the covid19 crisis,

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