2nd phase of the She4sea project

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Publié le 9 Mar 20

The She4Sea project was created in 2016 with the aim of giving visibility to women working in the maritime sector, since they are underrepresented in this environment. In fact, only 2% of maritime workers are women. This can be explained by the lack of attractiveness of the professions, considered physically difficult, but the fact that they are not promoted among young people also contributes to their lack of interest. However, the field is made up of diverse sectors, all rich in opportunities: fishing, marine biology, biotechnology, oceanic creative industries …

She4Sea aims to make more visible and to promote the work and way of life of the maritime sector among young people, especially girls. Since only 2% of people working in the maritime field are women, it is an opportunity to encourage girls and women to pursue a blue professional career.

Highlighting women of the sea, sharing their stories and exposing the problems they face can help European policies to reduce inequalities and give them the opportunity to work in better conditions. Men are also invited to propose solutions and share their observations from the sector.

Check here the project report

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