Atlantic Cities defines the European dimension of Innovation ecosystems

From January to June 2019, the Atlantic Cities partner of ECORIS3 project has worked on the definition of the European dimension of Innovation ecosystems. Indeed, on February 11th and 12th, the Atlantic Cities has participated in the ‘Cities for Cooperation’ Strategic Meeting (C4C Platform) that was held in Barcelona to stress the planed ECORIS3 working session at the Atlantic Cities General Assembly 2019.

Moreover, the Atlantic Cities held various bilateral meetings with strategic actors at European level in Brussels (from EU institutions representatives to territorial organizations based in Brussels) to make known the ECORIS3 project and to discuss on entrepreneurial involvement and innovation transfer to SMEs.

The Atlantic Cities also took an active participation at the project meetings held in Guimarães (Portugal) on April 2019 and in Turin on June. At the first one, focused on “the Quadruple Helix and Smart Specialization Strategies”, the Atlantic Cities took up the opportunity to present ECORIS3 Capitalization Action Plan in detail to the ECORIS3 project partners. At the second one, the Atlantic Cities brought an expert from the Gijon city council, a city member of the Atlantic Cities network, to present the strategy of Gijon regarding e-Health local challenges.

On a monthly basis the Atlantic Cities has also keep informed ecoRIS3 project partners on EU opportunities as regards innovation ecosystems at regional and local level through the monthly newsletter.