Atlantic Cities inspire European Green Economy


Publié le 14 Sep 20

The Atlantic Cities as partner of the EURE project, funded under Interreg Europe programme, was working during the first semester of 2020 in the definition of urban challenges specific to the Brittany region and the good actions adopted by the regional government to inspire EURE territories towards an urban sustainable development. In particular, it was assessed the Brittany urban challenges on air pollution, noise pollution, social inclusion, adaptation and mitigation, governance for sustainable urban development building upon Atlantic Cities expertise:

  • Sustainable development: cities are expected to play a key role to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, with a shift to smart sustainable cities paradigm by the mean of the new applied technologies.
  • Smart Cities: Smart cities need an efficient digital infrastructure and communication networks and well aligned with the use cases scale to monitor urban life, optimize public policies or create new services for society
  • Urban data platform: a cities goal is to set up a citywide platform supporting multiple services, to reach this a wide cooperation framework is essential to reach interoperable digital platforms become real.
  • Digital Cities: the digital transition should be well accompanied by public authorities at all levels. A participatory, integrative and inclusive approach is also necessary to balance the opinion-making in society.

Moreover, it was assessed the specific the role to be played by Cities based in the Atlantic coast, in times of crisis such as the one we are currently facing due to the COVID-19. To this regard it was highlighted the case of Lisbon facing the Covid-19, cities’ attractiveness through the analysis of the called “waw” effect as well as star-up solutions for cities in times of COVID- 19 crisis.

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