Atlantic Cities launches its first working group meeting on Maritime Jobs and Skills

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Publié le 25 Feb 21

Following the joint decision at the Atlantic Cities General Assembly (9th November 2020) and the idea initiated by the Cotentin Agglomeration, we would like to announce that we are going to launch, following the development of our Strategic Plan 2021-2023, a working group led by our association on Maritime Professions.

The first working group meeting will be held on March 9th at 10am (French/Spanish time) and the event will be organised on behalf of AYCH project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Atlantic Area Program. Indeed, the mainstage of this meeting is our Atlantic Futures program, our Atlantic Youth business training program. This training programme has developed actions for several years through numerous projects and initiatives of which we are an active part, such as the AYCH project, our She4Sea project, internship training opportunities, the Atlantic Water Sports Games, and so on.

This meeting will represent a great opportunity for our cities members to present their implemented local measures and initiatives on the topic.

As a partner of AYCH project, in charge of the European capitalisation of the project and its cross-fertilisation, the event will also present European programmes and projects linked with maritime innovation, skills, industry and business and will allow us to discuss how to bring innovation to our territories and to boost maritime skills and jobs in the Atlantic Arc. The meeting will include a youth dimension. Indeed, our partner Vida Láctea from Spain will also share the AYCH initiative called “AYCH Ocean” which goal is to unite the work of youth, the creation of future prototypes and the treatment of garbage through creative reuse.

If ideas for projects or actions emerge from this working meeting, we will re-schedule a working discussion group for the implementation of the actions.

Working languages will be English and Spanish and the meeting will be recorded.

Please find here the link of registration for the first meeting of our Maritime Professions working group (registrations must be done before March 5th please) and here the link to the agenda.

The meeting is open to any city, especially port cities, or any professional specialised in maritime affairs that wishes to share their views. The debate will be open and recorded for dissemination on our YouTube channel.

If you participate, please follow us and share with us your solutions on Twitter @arcatl with the hashtag #aacities.

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