Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs -AYCH project onwards in lockdown times

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

Publié le 9 Sep 20

All along the first semester of 2020, the Atlantic Cities Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs – AYCH project, co-financed by the ERDF under the Interreg Atlantic Area programme, has worked on its adaptation to new circumstances due to COVID19 impact on its planned activities delivery.

Always keeping in mind our main target: support youth, we deliver online activities all along this period.

In particular, we deliver the Atlantic Futures non-formal education programme under an online format, allowing three youth to take part at this programme even in lockdown times. Notably, the case of Patrícia Fabriz was benchmarked as a good practice for the final AYCH project Publication.

 Moreover, we work on the capitalisation WG by taking part at the capitalisation working tour, where we could show project inputs for the Atlantic Arc cities and its youth.

An input that could be assessed during the project partners’ evaluation day held on 3rd June. At this session our Atlantic Futures successful stories were shared with our partners. They are published in Atlantic Cities Youtube channel.

From February to now we are also working in the preparation of the project final event, the Youth Summit which will be held on 17th, 18th and 19th February 2021 at Brest, City member of Atlantic Cities.

If you want to know more on AYCH project or you are an Atlantic Youth wishing to take part on it, do not hesitate to contact with the Atlantic Cities secretariat.

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