AYCH’s agenda 2030 reaches european spheres!

Publié le 21 Apr 21

The Youth Summit was Atlantic Youth Creative Hub (AYCH) final event. Debates were held from March 22nd to March 24th, to conclude the project’s existence. The recommendations produced after each debate were formalised into a Final Declaration, the Agenda 2030 and its graphic representation, published on March 25th.

The Agenda 2030 was agreed between young people and experts participating in the Youth Summit and represents hence the culmination of the ideas developed over the project’s lifetime, about social and ethical entrepreneurship, creative education, and the future of work in 2030.

The Agenda 2030 identifies 30 propositions, which include several important fields like Education, with proposals such as the recognition and promotion of soft skills or the development of open learning; economy, with for example a circular economy proposition or the possibility to choose your workplace, and other themes like Entrepreneurship, with funding support proposal.

To give more impact and visibility, but also to show their commitment, AYCH partners in France, Portugal, Spain, and United Kingdom co-signed the Declaration.

In order to ensure the durability of the project and provide a real outreach for the Agenda 2030, the latter was sent to European institutions such as the European Commission, the CULT commission of the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, and the European Economic and Social Committee. To this date, the Agenda already received positive feedback from a member of the European Parliament!

You will find the Agenda 2030’s propositions detailed on the AYCH 2030 website.

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