Ecoris3: Citizen Participation in e-Health and Ecosystems

Publié le 3 Jun 19

From June 19th to 20th 2019, the Atlantic Cities will participate in Turin, Italy, in a seminar within the framework of the ECORIS3 project, called “e-Health & Ecosystems”, which will be organized by Torino Metropolitan City. The focus of the seminar will be to promote initiatives for the development of regional and local ecosystems in the field of e-Health.

E-Health refers to the health practices of citizens supported by information and communication technologies. The promotion of policies and measures to generate interactions between the community and the authorities is part of the objectives of ECORIS3 and is a potential opportunity to pool resources around a common objective in the field of Intelligent Specialization.

The Atlantic Cities ensure the political and technical follow-up of this project, which has the participation of two members of the association, Fomento San Sebastián as project leader and Cork as a partner.

This seminar will have an open audience and the participation of experts. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat or you can directly access the Ecoris3 account on Twitter

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