EcoRIS3: Initiatives for citizen participation

Publié le 11 Jun 18

EcoRIS3, a project led by Fomento San Sebastián, focuses on innovation. The General Secretariat of the Atlantic Cities network provides political and technical follow-up of this project.
At the invitation of Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia) the project partners met in Latvia to continue the exchange of experiences and good practices on the following theme: «Civil society in search of emancipation through tools and platforms »

The first day of work was devoted to methods of citizen participation that allow people to be directly involved in their environment.

On the second day the speakers shared a SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses) of the project and the principles to follow terms of communication and good practices. Study visits then led to the discovery of the following structures:

The next meeting of the partners of the EcoRIS 3 project will take place in Nice from 25 to 28 June. The project partnership will align with the “Innovative City” event to further study the benefits of research on business, cities and innovation.

The members of the Atlantic Cities Network are cordially invited to share their good practices in the field of innovation with this Secretariat so that we can give them a European dimension.

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