Eurocean’s Youth: the first network of young European maritime ambassadors

Ocean image décorative

Publié le 14 Sep 21

Surfrider Europe, mandated by the French Ministry of the Sea, has launched the first EU-wide network of Young Maritime Ambassadors #Euroceansyouth!

The Eurocean’s Youth initiative aims to set up a network of 120 young ambassadors of the maritime world (20-27 years old) at the European Union level: #Euroceansyouth.

Within this network, the young ambassadors will work on two themes: maritime transport and jobs related to the sea. They will develop a vision of the maritime world of the future at major events in 2022 (United Nations Conference, World Ocean Day, activity in the framework of the Decade of the Ocean launched by UNESCO, etc.).

The culmination of this network will be a first face-to-face meeting during an immersive week in our member La Rochelle (France) in February 2022 (from 7 to 14 February) to build and share a vision of the future.

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