Success stories in entrepreneurship: the Atlantic Futures program

Programme atlantic-futures 2020 exemples reussites

Publié le 7 Sep 20

The dimension of promoting entrepreneurship in the Atlantic Futures (FA) programme, approved at the General Assembly of Atlantic Cities in 2018, has reflected positive results throughout this year.

An opportunity for talent created thanks to the creation of synergies between the different projects at which the Atlantic Cities are part.

In particular, we can highlight the case of the young businesswoman Anne Vicenzotti, an Atlantic Futures, who participated in the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs – EYE with the aim of being able to start her business project dedicated to the production of traditional cheese. Thanks to the program, she was able to acquire the know-how on the manufacturing method of an Italian company and develop a network of contacts in this branch of the agri-food sector. An experience recognized as a success story by the European Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – EASME.

Likewise, it is worth to point out the case of the young entrepreneur Fernando Losada who incubated his idea within the Atlantic Cities Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs- AYCH, funded by the Interreg Espaço Atlântico program and who, thanks to his participation in the program AF, was able to participate in a business exchange in the field of social economy in France through the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs.

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