The Atlantic Arc is a good place to live : A Coruña, capital of happiness 2021!

Publié le 1 Dec 21

Our member city, vice-president, A Coruña has been selected as World Capital of Happiness 2021. Thus, this year A Coruña will be the world headquarters of happiness and well-being by hosting the World Happiness Fest.

The World Happiness Fest takes place throughout the year and celebrates its main activities around 20 March (World Happiness Day) on various subjects: the environment, culture and social impact, which are driving forces for our association. This event is perfectly aligned with our Stella Atlantis project, which aims to enhance and promote the rich cultural heritage of the Atlantic Arc.

This event represents for A Coruña, according to the organizers, “a magnificent opportunity to project the city on a global level, based on the main movement for happiness and well-being and on more than 80 delegations with which this great polycentric movement has in the five continents”. This distinction will therefore help to highlight the city of A Coruña, but also the Atlantic Arc and its network.

During our “Recovery” meeting on 26/01, Francisco Diaz Gallego (technical advisor to the city) shared the solutions implemented by A Coruña since the beginning of the pandemic. A real willingness to put human beings at the heart of the city’s concerns, notably by promoting access to services for the inhabitants, and by developing bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways to have a pleasant sea promenade that effectively makes A Coruña a happy city.

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