The Atlantic Cities’ 2021 team

The General Secretariat of Atlantic Cities recently wished success to one of its members, Victor Cohen. To learn more about his experience at Atlantic Cities, a video interview is available here.

This change is an opportunity to introduce you to the team that made up the Secretariat during the first half of 2021.

The secretariat is currently composed of the following profiles:

Gwenaëlle Dubois : Networking officer, in charge of strategy and lobby, and the Atlantic Futures programme
Adeline Oliveira : European project officer, in charge of the AYCH, EURE and ECORIS3 projects
Suzanne Béguin : Administration, management and finance assistant
Lucile Macé : Communication and European projects assistant, in charge of She4sea

In addition, Atlantic Cities, with its programme dedicated to support and train young people, Atlantic Futures, supports Daphné Burger in the framework of her 6-months internship with the “CYMBREIZH” project and Agrocampus Ouest.

In the framework of Atlantic Futures, the secretariat also welcomed two interns :

Victor Cohen for 4 months as a European project assistant for AYCH and Stella Atlantis.
Pierre Fauchoux for 6 weeks in management and accounting.

To discover these profiles and learn more about their experience at Atlantic Cities, please visit our Youtube channel where interviews are regularly released.