The Atlantic Cities are ready for the Green Deal

The “Observatoire des villes vertes” (Green Cities Observatory) has published the 2020 edition of its “Green Cities Awards“. Our member cities are present, among the top 10 cities in the ranking. Especially Poitiers in 6th, Rennes in 7th, and in 10th, Brest.

Several categories have been taken into account, such as “Biodiversity” or “Green Heritage” where Poitiers is in 3rd position, with 94m2 of green space per inhabitants (the average in France is 51m2).

Atlantic Cities is actively committed to sustainable development and the environment, the latter being one of the priorities of the study carried out in 2019 on the future of Atlantic cities. It should not be forgotten that most European green capitals, like Lisbon this year, are Atlantic cities.

Thus, our cities are more than ready for the Green Pact of the European Commission.

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