Winter meetings of the Atlantic Strategy Group

Publié le 20 Feb 20

Atlantic Cities have been working towards an Atlantic Strategy since 2009; they are by far the only territorial network working on an urban dimension for macro regions. Therefore, Atlantic Cities plays a key role by promoting the contributions of its territories as assets for the future of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy.

The Atlantic Strategy Group is a transnational political board leading the Atlantic Maritime Strategy. Atlantic Cities takes part as an advisory member. This role, allows Atlantic Cities to be in direct contact with national representatives from the Atlantic Arc Member States as well with most relevant actors at European level on maritime policies and funds such as the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs of the European Commission or the European Agency for SMEs (EASME).

This board met on 4th December 2019 and on 7th February 2020, a transition period from the 2019 Portuguese presidency which came to an end and the French Presidency which took the new term.

Currently, this group is working under French presidency in the development of the governance mechanism of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy and focusing its works in promoting, through concrete projects, sustainable blue growth, notably, in port areas as a driver of innovation and sustainability.

Should you wish to know more about the Atlantic Strategy and its impact in cities, please contact us.

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