The Atlantic Cities Association (ACA) is an expert at EU level, at EU institutions and bodies as well as European strategic networks and organizations.

To this regard, Atlantic Cities president met the two latest EU Commissioners for Regional Policy Corina Cretu and Johannes Han,  and spoke at high level European/ International events, conferences and meetings; as the Joint Seminar organised by the European Commission and National and Regional actors on the future of transport connections within Europe.

Concerning its role as an expert of EU institutions, bodies and organizations, the Atlantic Cities is an expert:

1- At the European Commission: ACA is an expert of the Structural Funds. To this extent, ACA is bringing forward Atlantic Cities needs from the beginning – in the drafting of the future EU cohesion policy – and thus, to the future EU funds for the upcoming period 2021-2027.

2 – At the European Parliament: ACA is partner of the Urban Intergroup. The group is composed by Members of the European Parliament from different political parties aimed at conveying cities common challenges and opportunities at the heart of the debate at EU level.

3 – At the Interreg funding programmes: ACA is an expert member of the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg Atlantic Area programme. By taking part at this committee ACA could follow real impact of EU funds in the Atlantic as well as inform on Atlantic Cities’ demands for an strategic development.

4 – At the EU Agencies: ACA is an acknowledged stakeholder for the Atlantic Regional Initiative of the European Spatial Agency (ESA). Atlantic Cities has been recognized as the unique urban forum of the Atlantic region due to its experience on developing interregional cooperation and sustainable urban strategies.

5 – At the Atlantic Strategy Group: ACA is an expert for the governing body of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy. This role allows ACA to contribute to the governance of this EU initiative and provide real experiences and projects of the Atlantic local authorities and ports.

6 – At the Council of Europe (CoE): ACA is an Institutional partner of the Chamber of Local Authorities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the CoE. This partnership allows ACA to take part at the Commissions meetings and make proposals to the agenda.

7 – Moreover, the Atlantic Cities plays a role in EU bodies such as the Committee of the Regions, at which ACA’s President and Mayor of Viana do Castelo (Portugal), José María Costa, the Mayor of Lisbon (Portugal), Fernando Medina, and the Independent Councilor of Cork (Ireland), Kieran McCarthy, are active members.

Besides, ACA organises meetings at local level with the Committee of the Regions like the local dialogues meeting on Regeneration of Port Cities and Port Areas or even in Brussels at the Committee of the regions to present local initiatives such as ECORIS3 project.

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