EcoRIS 3, the project is on track

EcoRIS3, a project led by Fomento San Sebastián, focuses on innovation. The Conference of Arc Atlantic Cities (CAAC) provides political and technical follow-up of this project. Cork, a founding member of CVAA, will host the partners of the Ecoris3 project on November...

EcoRIS3, exchanges on innovation

Following its launch, the European Project ecoRIS3 has started its exchanges of experiences in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) on June 28 and 29. Partners and stakeholders of each of their territory therefore shared in Portugal best practices on the public sector as...

ECORIS3, launching of the project in Donostia-San Sebastian

The ECORIS3 project is focused on innovation and directed by Fomento San Sebastian. The Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities ensures political  and technical oversights of this project. The launching project meeting took place on 23th and 24th May in the San...

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