The Atlantic Cities for a healthy Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Cities is engaged for the preservation of a healthy Atlantic Ocean. To this regard, the Atlantic Cities has submitted a workshop proposal for the 2020 UN Ocean Conference which will be held in June 2020 in the city of Lisbon, our member city. The workshop...

Looking for an Atlantic Keynote Speaker

Looking for an Atlantic Keynote Speaker

Atlantic Cities network turns 20 this year, on July 7th. Inside the celebrations, our association was selected by the European Union in order to hold a workshop during the European Week of Cities and Regions next October in Brussels. Therefore, Atlantic Cities...

Lisbon, Green Capital continues online

Lisbon, a founding member of the Atlantic Cities is Europe’s Green Capital for 2020. Its green and blue urban strategies were paramount in the wining proposal that convinced the jury in 2018. Today Europe’s Green Capital has its own virtual agenda. While the events do...

Europe Day

Message from the Atlantic Cities president. It has subtitles in all 4 Atlantic Languages. Only for members: If your council wishes to send a video message (2 minutes maximum), we can upload it to our You Tube Channel and provide for subtitles. Please contact us! Happy...

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